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Animal Communicator Image Consultants

  • Brief Description: Image Consultant & Trainer, Animal Communicator
  • Credentials: Animal Communicator
  • Opening Hours: 12.00 Pm To 9.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends
  • Testimonials: 1. Swati has an amazing talent to speak to animals. She has helped me with my missing cat and assured me that he will be back and he did ! My approaching her has helped me calm down as I was worried of his well-being! She is a polite and kind person! Her communication skills are amazing ! 2. she is brilliant with Animals! helped someone i know who was struggling with their pet. 3. I highly recommend @Telepathic Communication with Animals by Swati Marhia She really help me to connect and communicate with my Cat Sandy. Because of her I was able to understand what my cat feel and she answered all my questions patiently which I wanted to ask my cat Sandy. Thank you Swati Marhia for connecting with my cat , you are the best. 4. I had a session for my pet dog, ginger with Swati. The session gave me clarity on my dog's health and wellbeing. She didn't rush and answered all my questions giving me a whole new perspective on my relationship with my pet. I definitely recommend Swati as an animal communicator. She mediates which in turn helps one heal.

Animal communication can deepen the connection and relationships with your pets by simply being able to state your love in an even more special way that you ever have before. As professional animal communicators we can translate for you, acting as the conduit for the expression of unconditional joy and love for your pet family.

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