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In Conversation with Mr. Mahesh Sharma

In Conversation with Mr. Mahesh Sharma

In Conversation with Mr. Mahesh Sharma – Internationally Certified Life Purpose Coach And EFT Practitioner

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

Hi this is Mahesh Sharma. I was born and brought up in Delhi have a background in Army. My interest in understanding Human Behavior starte4d from there itself. When I came back from Army in 1997, I decided to settle down with a job. I did try I many fields like finance and accounts, insurance etc. and also into self-employment in the fields of alternate franchising and insurance, but nothing was bringing me joy. So, I decided to go deeper into my passion of understanding human behavior and emotions.

And I noticed that many of my fellow human being are struggling in their lives with the same challenges which I was facing as an introvert and a person who doesn’t actually know what is my passion and how to follow it.

And eventually in 2008 I started my own initiative called Know Your True Self Research Academy to provide my services to those in need in order to live a life at the fullest and to face our own fears and limiting beliefs.

The only motto is to share the information of inherent behaviour, temperaments, emotions, following your true calling and inner working of mind with more and more individuals to help them follow their passion, develop courage to go on their path of happiness and bliss, to know and understand them better and get rid of their limiting beliefs….

And since 2008 I have been conducting these workshops under the umbrellas of MEHAC – Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Campaign.

Currently I am providing my services as an internationally certified life PURPOSE coach & learning felicitator. In the pursuit of my passion, I am currently running own research portal to simplify the methods of self-healing & self-management so that it can be used by more and more individuals

Q. What is your area of expertise and what kind of services do you offer?

I am an Internationally Certified LIFE Purpose coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and workshop and keynote speaker. I specialize in the areas of mental and emotional wellbeing, personal performance, self-esteem and discovery and following our inner calling.

My services include online offline workshops, personal coaching and counseling sessions, keynote and workshop speaking and corporate learning facilitation.

I have been conducting regular workshops on Inherent Behavior (Temperament), relationship management and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for last 14 years and have done more than 250 workshops in India and abroad.

Q. How long have you been practicing? What inspired you to become a Coach?

I have been practicing since 2008 as a personal performance coach and also a speaker and learning facilitator.

My own observations and my own experiences while struggling with my life as an introvert, shy & low-key personality and overcoming my own fears, limiting beliefs and following my passion led me to share my insights with other people with a sole purpose to help them live their lives at the fullest, overcome their fears and limiting beliefs and follow their inner calling.


Q. What methods do you use with your clients to help them avoid having negative feelings?

Though I use LIFE coaching to help my clients to overcome their challenges, I am specialized in using Energy Psychology methods, specifically EFT, and also positive psychology, CBT, emotional intelligence practices, time-line therapy and NLP.

What is the difference between temperament and personality? Can I be attracted towards a person similar to my personality?

To give a simple answer to that, I can say Temperament is the inherent behavior traits which we are born with and personality the outer make-up of those traits. You can take temperaments as the raw material to build a building and personality is the building itself. So if we take this example, the shape of the building can be altered, changed and redesigned in many ways while the raw material remain the same.

Yes, we can be attracted towards a person with similar temperament but normally as we are attracted towards opposites, the same phenomenon occurs here. We are generally attracted towards our more or less positive temperaments because the qualities, specialties and strengths of the opposite temperament compliment ours. For example, an outgoing, extrovert individual is attracted towards more introvert and balanced person because the other person complements his personalities weak areas. Though it’s still a mystery that why we are attracted towards opposite temperaments, generally we can see around us and feel this phenomenon in maximum couples.

What is the role of emotions in having balanced and blissful life?
This is paradox that we generally take emotions as weakness and use words like don’t take decision in emotions, emotional fools or something similar. While if you see as we are human being first than anything else, we are emotional being first then anything else. And because we take emotions as weakness we tend to ignore and avoid emotions at every level which ultimate develops a phenomenon called Unresolved Negative Emoticons which means those emotions which are not processed or channelized. And research found out that these unresolved emotions are at the root of almost every disease discomfort and underperformance.

So, in my views identifying, acknowledging and working on these unresolved emotional issues is very important to take care not only of our emotional health but mental and physical health too.

And in my experiences for last more than a decade when we work on these unprocessed emotions with a genuine intentions to resolve, we see tremendous results in self-esteem productivity, relationships and of course happiness.

Q. Please share an anecdote where you made your client bring about a significant change with your session.

Well, if I say it usually is a case in almost every other coaching session that everything falls back on two pillars – 1) ability to love and accept self-2) discovering and following passion.

In a particular incident a young teenage girl was referred to me by her mother with some challenge in concentration in the studies and typical teen-age behavior. She wanted to pursue medicine and is facing a challenge in concentration in studies and also feeling low when she is not able to get through it. While working with her, it came to the notice that her temperament and her filed of study actually don’t have a good match. A few days into it, when a process is worked upon it was clear that her motivation to do medicine is not because she wanted to become a doctor, but it is because she felt this profession has high respect in the society. So, we worked upon all that and she has decided to pursue her passion in music. Today she is a celebrated singer and living her life with passion and zeal. And now she clearly understands that if she would have pursued medicine, it would have been a disaster.

In a very different case where a mid-aged lady came for some help in her marital life, refereed again by a friend, we found out that the self-esteem has become so low that she is taking all the beating from her partner on her which she was not supposed to.  We worked upon the old beliefs, the conditioning, the insecurities, and it took around 6 to 8 months to reclaim her life back. Today she is a proud single mother and has taken the charge of her life in her hands and living it with confidence and high self-esteem.

And there are more than 100 stories like these….

Q. How effective do you find online sessions? Do you experience any challenges while conducting these sessions/workshops?

If I say the truth, I found online sessions more effective than face to face sessions. But I am not saying that face-to-face sessions are not important and online sessions can replace the need of them. I follow a hybrid approach of phone sessions, video sessions and face-to-face sessions. And this is making the process more effective.

As far as the challenges in online sessions, I can say that you need to be very understanding, sensitive and attentive when you conduct the online sessions. Because there are more changes of missing the thought train can be there. Dealing with multi taskers is a real challenge because they take the session as an opportunity to work simultaneously on something else too. So making the process engaging and effective is a challenge sometime. But this led me to form a system of doing sessions while encouraging the client to take a walk when having a session over phone, or do some activity while on video and also make sure that I keep a backup system to latch on if something happens suddenly to the online thing, like internet issue or some network issues.

But overall, the hybrid approach is working very fine with me.

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