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Natural Family Planning Method – Fertility Indicators

Natural Family Planning Method – Fertility Indicators

Natural Family Planning Methods – Fertility Indicators

Natural Family Planning is an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Fertility monitors can sometimes fail and as a result you may have to deal with the emotional and financial side effects that come along with infertility. NFP relies on the knowledge to monitor menstruation to prevent conception. These natural methods are only used by a limited number of women and are really only effective at predicting fertile and infertile days.

Natural Family Planning methods work based on two main factors.

The first factor involves ovulation. Natural methods correlate the time of day of intercourse with the changes in cervical mucus and therefore the most fertile days. Using this information, a woman can predict her most fertile days by using cervical mucus analysis. The second factor involves menopause.

Natural Family Planning methods are not based on timing of intercourse within the reproductive cycle. This can be very difficult for some women. NFP concentrates on understanding the relationship between cervical mucus and the fertile days. Therefore, some women will know their most fertile days but not their normal menstrual cycle. Couples using these methods also try to determine ovulation through fertility awareness methods. They may use a digital thermometer or a basal thermometer and chart their changes to arrive at a more accurate fertility prediction.

NFPs also make use of the best fertility awareness methods available which are based on cervical mucus analysis. Cervical mucus changes as the menstrual cycle progress and can tell the woman if she is at the peak of her fertility or not. A fertility awareness method is based on observing the type and length of cervical mucus and determining the rhythm of sperm movement and egg production. If sperm production decreases while cervical mucus does not change, then this is an indication of infertility.

It is important to note that both methods of natural family planning methods work according to the same principles and thus it is very possible for women to get pregnant even when they are not at their peak fertility. They may simply have an irregular ovulation and vaginal discharge. But couples trying to get pregnant must realize that using one method does not mean that they can use the other without any problems. Using both methods at the same time can result in different pregnancy outcomes and thus it is important that the couple chooses the method that works best for their reproductive cycles.

The next step in this family-planning cycle is to use fertility awareness methods to find out the time of the month that is most likely to result in conception. These methods may include the use of an ovulation calculator, ovulation test, or basal body temperature monitoring. This information is important because couples want to plan a family but do not want to take any chances with unprotected sex. This information can also help them decide when they are most likely to conceive so that they can avoid unprotected intercourse during these times.

Using fertility indicators is an important part of the natural family planning cycle as well because many couples require a precise idea of the optimum time to conceive so that they can plan a family while their bodies are producing the levels of eggs and hormones they need to be able to conceive. To determine the level of fertility in the woman, it is necessary to monitor her monthly menstrual cycle and the changes in her body temperature. Some women produce more estrogen during the first few days of their cycle, while others produce more progesterone. Couples trying to plan a family can use the information they get from these factors to choose a healthy method of intercourse.

Some couples prefer the tracking of the woman’s menstrual cycle or they may want to track their basal body temperature. They may also be interested in the tracking of their body’s vital signs like body temperature and heart rate on a daily basis. Couples tracking their fertility using either of the fertility indicators discussed in this article will be alerted when a change in either of these indicators is noticed.

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