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Everything About Energy Healing: Meet with Expert Energy Healer

Everything About Energy Healing: Meet with Expert Energy Healer

Energy Healing is an integrated practice of removing blockages and replacing low-frequency energies with higher ones. It has proven to be a valuable alternative therapy for resolving many issues including physical illness and chronic pains.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality  ~ Einstein

The words of Mr. Einstein encouraged me to explore how energy is related to our physical reality. I read quite a few research papers that talked in length about how Energy Healing is proving to be an effective remedy for easing physical pain. However, the questions kept piling up, and the research papers became a good lullaby for putting me to sleep.

Energy Healer


I got in touch with Expert Energy Healer, Ms. Raksha Bhatti. Her elaborate expertise and experience were quite evident in the way she explained what is Energy Healing. It was not only her words that demonstrated the power of Energy Healing, but also the calmness in her voice and her incredible journey that gave a glimpse into the majestic power of Energy Healing.


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is about healing all the layers of energy that exist in our bodies and outside our bodies. For example, there is physical energy, emotional energy, Auric Energy, Spiritual Energy, and many more so everything and anything in this universe hold a certain amount and vibration of energy. When a person comes for an energy healing, I look into their energy field, their patterns and what are they facing and heal that area with different tools. Often done through clearing and replacing this low vibration energy with a high one.

How can it help in relieving physical pain?

Every physical ailment or disease is first felt in our energy and auric field if we choose to heal and release it from here it can completely be gone, also every physical pain that you or someone may be experiencing is birthed first mentally in our conscious and subconscious energy field and then in our 3D reality field. So, when we heal, release and clear all ties to this pain and need of this disease in our energy field we can completely be free of physical pain too.

Energy Healing

What are the different types of Energy Healing?

Well, there are many types I don’t know how well they all can be classified in energy healing like distant healing, Pranic Healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki, biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, light energy healing, Breathwork healing, Aura healing and there are many more. What I use is Intuitive Energy Healing which is a completely free and integrative version of many modalities including breathwork, Energy, Ancestral, spiritual, channeling, Angelic, and just many more which completely depends on what will be the most beneficial to the client and their needs.

Can you practice Healing on yourself?

Yes, definitely we all can practice energy healing on ourselves, and in fact, my main mission is to make everyone aware and so empowered that they know how can they self-heal themselves with their chosen type of tool and live the highest potential life.

Please share a personal experience where Energy Healing helped your client to ease physical pain

Wow, there are so many. I had one client who was 42years old and had been on anxiety pills for 2 years, when he came to me for healing his goal was to stay calm and not be prone to any more diseases. With deep Intuitive healing, we were able to get him off the medicine for anxiety and he could sleep so much better than before.

Then I have had many women heal their periods’ pain and have a healthy period. A woman was able to stabilize her PCOD and also conceive a child in just 6 sessions of Energy Healing. It was truly beautiful and powerful to witness the wonders of Energy Healing.  I have this special Womb healing circle where women experiencing pain, discomfort, fertility, PCOD or any women-related issues come and they have experienced many definitive changes and success in their health.

Also, Energy Healing can open up so many more opportunities. For instance, I had a client who came for chronic tiredness and body ache. After a few sessions of Energy Healing, her pain was completely resolved. Moreover, she started to manifest great opportunities in work, received financial abundance, and also have happy relationships in her life. So, when we work in one area it can have a great impact and beautiful results in many areas of life.

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Cheers to her for spreading the light and guiding individuals to unleash the power within them!


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