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Child Counsellors Share 5 Factors for Career Planning

Child Counsellors Share 5 Factors for Career Planning

Child Counsellors Share 5 Factors for Career Planning

Children these days have no dearth of career options. Perhaps that is not a very good thing since they are surrounded by a myriad of options and not much clarity on what and how to pursue their calling.

A majority of the children don’t have a clear vision of the goals for their future. So, they end up in a place they don’t want to be in. Making wrong career choices proves to be even more messed up for the kids when they go to college and study to get a degree that they are not sure they’ll even use.Right Career For Kids

As parents, our job is to do more than just provide for their living. We have to be their mentors and friends. We have to help them find out their calling and take the journey of fulfilling it. Expert Child Counsellors recommend keeping in mind the following points when helping your child select a career.

Five factors to consider while choosing the right career for kids, according to expert child counsellors:

  1. Accept the fact that your child is not an extension of yourself.
    Your kid is a unique person. They are not you. Their dreams and goals need not be the same as yours. The things that pique their interest may seem odd to you and it’s okay. If you just believe in them and keep encouraging them, they’ll do exceptionally well at whatever they chose to do. This will help to choose Right Career For Kids.
  2. Discuss their interests with them.
    Identify your child’s strengths and make a list. Remind them of what they’re good at, even at the basic level, like their attention to detail. These strengths are clues to possible careers. Playing to your advantages usually always works in our favour. Encourage them to take an aptitude test. Aptitude tests basically study your kid’s answers to a few questions and try to judge their strengths, weaknesses and diversions to help you choose a suitable career. This will help to choose Right Career For Kids.
  3. Help them get in touch with mentors specific to their career choices.
    It is very hard to be working a job that you don’t like. Hence, when your child is choosing a career from the options of his liking, make sure it aligns with his preferences. Once they figure out what they want to do, try to help them get in touch with somebody who is already doing that or anything closely related. Having a good mentor can boost your child’s confidence. Ask them if they can explain their role and responsibilities to your child. Take care that they know what they’re getting into. Gather information about the different course options for the chosen career and have them enrolled in the one best matching your requirements. This will help to choose Right Career For Kids.
  4. Children need good company.
    They say a person is recognized by the company he keeps. Your child needs good, inspirational friends that will encourage them to follow their dreams and passion. Falling prey to a bad company can be detrimental to their future. Make sure they are surrounded by good people.  This will help to choose Right Career For Kids.
  5. Be patient and supportive.
    Building a career is a long journey that needs a lot of effort and patience. You child may mess up a hundred times, they may want to change their paths along the way. Remember to be patient during such sensitive times and keep encouraging them to try new things that will make them the amazing individual they are meant to become. This will help to choose Right Career For Kids.Right Career For Kids

Children are often burdened with their parent’s extraordinary expectations of following a specific path. Why should you force your child to play sports if he is good at math? Parents are greatly influenced by market trends and the career choices of their kid’s peers, so much that they sometimes overlook the unique abilities and interests of their child.

You can also take help from our expert child counsellors on ourcommunity wellness platform to know more about how you can choose Right Career For Kids. You can also find books on how to choose Right Career For Kids on our Wellness Store.

In most homes, career choice is made after the 10th grade which doesn’t really give our kids the time to understand what they want to do. It is very important to start exploring the available options beforehand. Give your child enough time to understand their interests and choose the kind of life they want to live.

Give your child the freedom to choose his own career path, conventional or not. Ultimately, if they’re doing what they love and they’re happy, what else could parents need?

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