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Career Guidance: Pros and cons of working in a startup

Career Guidance: Pros and cons of working in a startup

Career Guidance: 5 Pros and cons of working in a startup

The career prospect of working in a startup is a topic sought after by many who are ready to join the workforce and those who need a career change. If you are someone who needs career guidance, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we will tell you the pros and cons of working in a startup so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Startups are formed for different reasons. Some of them try to solve a social problem, some of them strive to change/improve the nature of services, work towards innovation, work to develop a technology capable of growth in the future, work to find sustainable solutions. 

Passion is the driving factor

No, it’s not revenue but the passion that drives the startups. 

Passion is the fuel required for running a successful startup. Other driving factors are – love for the work, and the ability to adapt.

Individual impact 

Because the firm is going to be small initially, your work as a team member/employee will impact the organization extensively. You will be able to track your progress and your contribution will matter a lot.

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Scope to experiment

Startup certainly will provide you with a scope to experiment.

Startups provide you with a stimulating work environment. You will have greater choice, greater freedom, and less micromanaging. 

You will have to go through the processes of trial and error. Escapism is not an option here, so you will have to strive to give your best each day. 

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As the work progress, your responsibilities can grow with it. And this can leave both positive and negative impressions upon you. With growing responsibilities, you may learn/acquire more skills than you initially planned. You will be able to understand/manage all “horizontals and verticles of professional life.”

Friendly work environment

Most often, startups do not have a “strict code of conduct”. They also tend to be “less bureaucratic”. It’s true that there are going to be certain operating procedures and desired behaviors but it’s okay to assume that it’s not going to fall heavy on you. Many startups allow their employees to wear casuals at work!career guidance - benefits of working in a startup

Interactions with coworkers tend to be much more relaxed and at the same time, efficient. You can count on your “team chemistry” to sail you through challenging times at the workplace!

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Long-term benefits 

Sharing of spoils if the company expands considerably. This could be in the form of gaining a senior/managerial position or equity benefits (like ESOP- Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

You have seen all are the benefits/plus points of working in a startup, and now you must brace yourself to look at the cons of working in a startup – 

Long working hours 

Initially, you may find yourself overloaded with work and you cannot escape from it. But with time, as the workforce count increases, you will be able to delegate your work. Things may become manageable after the initial hardships are crossed.

Many startups fail 

The harsh truth is that so many startups fail. The reasons are varied. It can be because of a lack of funds, or the idea behind the startup- not able to keep up with the demands of guidance- benefits of working in a startup  

The reason could also be – lack of policies/ laws to keep the budding firms from sinking under the pressure of an extremely competitive environment. 

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Funding issues

Shortage of resources/funds hamper the workings of a lot of startups. The shortage of resources means you have less scope to invest in your innovative ideas and less space to experiment. It might also lead you to compromise with quality, which again hampers your brand name. 


If you are a pioneer in your field, you may not have an example before you to look up to. So without standard processes in place, it becomes difficult to navigate. But that’s only till you find what works for you and what doesn’t. Again, there is no escaping from trial and error. 

To sum it up, 

you have seen how startups allow you to follow your passion, give you scope to experiment, allow you to carve your mark, provide you with a friendly work environment. But then, there are those downsides to it – long working hours, fear of facing resource crunch, fear of failure, lack of standard processes which can hamper the pace of growth. 

So keeping these points in mind you can decide what suits you the best and if you still have a doubt, you can talk to our career expert NOW!


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