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Career Counselling: 10 Ways to Secure Your Future After College

Career Counselling: 10 Ways to Secure Your Future After College

Career Counselling: 10 Ways to Secure Your Future After College

Success is a relative term. It is different for every college student. For some, it may be scoring a higher grade point average while for the others it could be getting a scholarship or a job or starting their own business.

If you have ever been for career counselling, you would have learned that college is more than just the course and the exams. All that you do during your college years plays a major role in shaping your destiny.

10 things career counselling teaches you about success:

1.Set goals:
Setting goals and planning all your tasks around them is the best way to be productive. Set realistic long term goals for yourself and then backtrack and find shorter goals that you will have to achieve in order to achieve the long terms goals. Divide all your work into small tasks and complete one job at a time. It will help to Build Your Destiny.

2.Manage time effectively:
With hundreds of things to do in college and little time, it is important that you inculcate a habit of multitasking. Stick to schedules. Note down all the tasks you have to do on a paper and put it in such a place that it serves as a reminder, like a calendar. Build Your Destiny

3.Be involved in class:
College students often tend to think that their participation in class does not really matter if they have good grades which are not true. Involvement in the class not only reduces your work since you remember most of the things taught but also leaves a good impression of you on your teacher.

4.Participate in events outside the class:
Don’t be limited only to the classroom walls. Participate in events and competitions. Be a part of clubs in your college. All this will build your experience and cultivate the qualities of leadership, teamwork, cooperation in you.

5.Learn to say ‘no’:
It is important that you avoid unnecessary commitments that occupy your time and don’t bring anything of value in return. Saying no without hurting the emotions of other people is an art that you’ll have to learn.

6.Read a lot:
From expanding your knowledge to gaining new perspectives, reading is the most important thing for self-development.

7.Do lots of projects:
Theoretical knowledge is hard of any use if you do not know how to apply it. What better way is there to gain practical knowledge than working on projects – individual and group? Choose projects in the fields that you’re interested in and those that will give you a competitive advantage.

8.Keep good company:
You can know a lot about a person from the company he keeps. No matter how much you resist it, your friends have a great influence on your personality. In college, especially, you are so close to your friends that you’re with them for everything they do. It is very important to have supportive and ambitious friends who push you to be a better version of yourself.Build Your Destiny

9.Don’t neglect your health:
While working on building your future, do not compromise with your physical or mental health. Take your meals healthy and on time. Get enough sleep and exercise. Practice meditation or other stress-reducing techniques to keep your mind calm and stable.

10.Follow your passion:
Amidst all the different courses, their requirements, their credits, their tests, it is very easy to forget your intellectual passion, the books and theories that interest you apart from your academics. Along with studying well, make sure you take out some time for these things as well because they are very influential in deciding what your future will look like. It will help to Build Your Destiny.

Don’t wait around for things to go wrong before you fix them. Start early. Your teenage years are the most crucial. Explore different careers and try to recognize your calling. Create a roadmap of all the things you have to achieve along the way to your destiny.

You can also book a session for career counselling from experts on our community wellness platform to know more about how you can Build Your Destiny. We also have some books on the topic of how you can Build Your Destiny on our Wellness Store.

You have to be better than the ordinary student if you want to build your destiny. It is important that you take the right steps to go in the direction of your dream life. Like they say, ‘Success only comes to those who work hard.’
Are you prepared to work hard?

Are you ready to turn around your destiny?
Are you ready to write your own destiny?

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