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The Mystery of Akashic Records Decoded by Expert Akashic Reader

The Mystery of Akashic Records Decoded by Expert Akashic Reader

Imagine there is a library of books and every book talks about your life. Akashic Records is a universal library that gives access to information about your past, present, and future.

If all the events of your life are recorded and kept safe in a different dimension then why cannot we simply access these records and figure out life completely? However, the spiritual modalities have a lot of depth which can only be explained by a certified and experienced Akashic Reader.

Ms. Pooja Giyayani, an ardent Akashic Reader with vast years of experience addresses important questions about Akashic Records and breaks many stereotypes and myths that are commonly believed about Akashic Readings.

What kind of information is available to you when you open Akashic Records?


Akashic Records is also known as the book of life, and every soul has one. All the events of your life right from the conception of your soul to death are recorded there.

We generally open the book because we have certain questions about our life circumstances and we might seek guidance or healing. Hence, the Akashic Records keeper, Ascended Masters, Angels, or your loved ones might connect and give you information relevant to your questions.

The information will be effective guidance on how you can resolve the issue at hand. The information could include events from your past lives, intuitive messages, signs, audible and visual messages from your angels, and even colors. It takes a lot of practice to decode the information.

You could also receive specific guidance like which chakra you need to work on, what stone you need to wear, or what kind of food you should consume.


What methods do you use to access the records?


There is no particular method. There is a pillar of light you need to create once you are attuned to the Akasha. That pillar of light once connected to your Akashic Records is when you can access guidance through it. The opening prayer, getting attuned, and the pillar of light meditation combined with grounding exercises become necessary when you are accessing the records. These are the methods that I use and teach to anyone who wants to access the records.


How can Akashic records help to create a purposeful & happy life?

Happy Life


It is my personal opinion that every individual comes with a unique soul purpose. We come alone and we go alone, and along the way, we meet people, experience different circumstances that enhance our soul journey and help us evolve as a soul that’s what is the soul purpose of everyone.

I perceive Earth as a school where we face many tests, trials, and karmic lessons that help us evolve and grow as a soul. Every soul has a purpose and that is to reach the higher realm and form a connection with God or become the original form which is one of unconditional love.

When you open the records, you receive guidance about your soul purpose and your mission. The records guide you about where you are faltering and what exactly God wants you to do. What and how you can achieve your goals or enhance your journey. God has already bestowed you with gifts and talents that are necessary to fulfill your mission. It becomes your responsibility to become aware of these gifts and use them to serve the world. This level of awareness can be received from Akashic records.


Any valuable piece of advice you would like to give to someone who wants to access their Akashic records?


The one who wants to access the records is those who are already on their spiritual path. The spiritual path is nothing but knowing your own soul journey on Earth. The advice would be to remember your soul mission and work towards growing.

Another important thing I would like to emphasize is not to treat Akashic records as a game. It is advised not to take out information that is unethical or immoral because anything that is wrong or unethical will never be answered.

Moreover, your connection with Akasha could be broken and you may never be able to access the records again. Hence, it is advised to always come from a place of unconditional love and strong ethics.

Any myths you would like to debunk about Akashic records?


I have been accessing Akashic Records for years and the biggest myth is that you can get A-Z information about your life. That is not true. It is wrong. You only get the information that the source wants you to know in this present lifetime. As there are a few tests, trials, and karmic lessons that only you can fulfill.

Also, you have to be the chosen one. Moreover, once you open the Akashic records, healing begins ASAP. It is not necessary that your questions will always be answered, but once you have set your intentions to the Akasha your healing will begin immediately.

The bottom line is that every piece of information is in the Records, but you will not get access to all of it. You will only receive that particular information that will serve your soul journey in this lifetime.



Please tell us about your personal experience when you access the records, and what inspires you to believe that being an Akashic reader is your true calling?

Akashic Records



It is very uncanny but I started accessing Akashic records and during the reading, I started seeing many ascended masters like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh. I would talk to them like how two normal people would have a conversation and I thought to myself that this was nothing less than a delusion. I am the kind of person who will never access someone’s Akashic records if it is going against my sense of morality and integrity.

I had made a commitment to a client and I decided that I would fulfill my commitment and then stop the practice as I thought that the Ascended Masters and Angels that talked to me isn’t real and my mind is making up such reels in my head.

The next day I accessed a lady’s Akashic records. I saw Lord Shiva and he told me to convey to the lady that there is a snake in her house. I felt that it was unpredictable and uncanny. However, I had to convey the message to her and we found out that there was actually a snakeskin in her house.

Then Lord Shiva asked me to tell the lady that the snakeskin does not exist in her house. I was caught up in a dilemma but I still had to convey the message to her. I asked her if the snakeskin still exists because I am hearing that it does not anymore. She told me that it is true. She has been trying to find the snakeskin for the last couple of days but she cannot find it anywhere.

Most of the Akashic Reading that I have done so far has been validated. It is mind-blowing to receive specific details about a person’s life. For instance, one time Lord Ganesha gave me the exact location, time and day, and people she went with of my client’s visit to Siddhivinayak Temple. I have received many such validations and confirmations that the communication actually happens and I am not being delusional.

Moreover, I can see significant improvements in people’s lives which have really solidified my belief in Akashic Record Readings.


Meet Expert Akashic Reader, Ms. Pooja Giyayani

Akashic Reader

Pooja was born a clairvoyant which means that she possesses powers that help her to look into the future events. As a child she had a strong sense of right and wrong. Eventually she started learning different modalities such as Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing and Akashic Records.

She has an inbuilt power to communicate with Angels, and has helped many people with Angel Communication skills. In addition to this, she is a numerologist and helps people to know about their oracle field, protection, colour therapy and many other modalities.  

She believes that the medium of healing does not matter as long as one is connected to their subconscious mind. She works tirelessly to help people develop trust in the workings of the universe and overcome fear to attract the infinite blessings of God. 



The sweetest teacher and the best guide anyone could ever have. Always helping others and taking care of them.

– Navya

Pooja is an amazing person, a true healer and someone who actually guides you. She gives simple solutions to all your problems. 

-Tina Agarwal

I have personally taken help for channelling and Tarot reading.. I can just say perfect and God sent messages from loved ones. She is an angel!

-Dr Neeta

Pooja is such a beautiful soul who not only guides you but also heals you in simple ways. Just talking to her heals you 80%

-Puja Agarwal

Receive Guidance From Akashic Records Today.

Author- Fatema Kabira

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